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Agent escapes driving ban after speeding at almost twice the limit


An agent caught on camera speeding as she tried to get to work on time has been spared a possible driving ban.

Nicole Robinson, 27, was doing 72mph in a 40mph zone, as she endeavoured to get to her job as a negotiator at Jordan Fishwick, in Manchester.

She was driving her own BMW 116i Sport but told magistrates that at work, she drove a company car.

She had faced a possible disqualification of up to 56 days under rules targeting drivers who travel at 45% above the limit.

But at Manchester magistrates court Robinson, who has a clean driving record in ten years of motoring, escaped with six penalty points after telling the court that a ban could mean her losing her job.

She told the court: “I will never do it again – all of my life I have been an estate agent and I don’t know what else I would do.”

She said: “I have been an estate agent for five and a half years. I need my car to drive for work. I will lose my job. I drive to viewings and take clients to various properties. This is a significant part of my job. I go to seven or eight viewings on a given day.

“If I lost the job, I could not pay rent to my parents. I live at home and they need the money. I know my actions are inexcusable. The BMW is my car and I drive a separate company car. It was lunch time. I was driving into work and I was late. I was starting on a half-day – I know that it’s not an excuse.”

She was fined £400 and ordered to pay costs of £125.



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Source:: Agent escapes driving ban after speeding at almost twice the limit