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Agent launches advertising ‘game changer which could spell shift from portals’

Spicerhaart is pioneering in the UK a new social media software, invented in Scandinavia and called Flink, which puts property ads on social media in front of the people most likely to buy.

Spicerhaart describe it as an absolute game changer which could transform the house selling process – with the suggestion that it might take over from property portals as well be one more challenge to local newspaper advertising.

CEO Paul Smith told EYE: “This is not like normal advertising on social media.

“This technology intelligently understands far more about the people who are clicking on a social media advert, including their lifestyle and ambitions, using some of the most powerful data sets in the world; it then serves the ad to other people with a similar profile.

“The technology taps into buyers that aren’t registered with an agent or portal like no other.

“It creates up to 72 variations of the property ad and learns people’s preferences to show them the ad that they’re most likely to engage with.

“It also optimises in real time throughout the life of the campaign.

“We’ve only just launched it and we’re already being contacted by prospective purchasers who’ve seen the ads in their social media feeds.

“It’s an absolute game changer.”

‘Flink’, which is Norwegian for ‘good’ and ‘clever’, enables the advert variations it creates to run on the UK’s largest social media channel Facebook, as well as Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram.

Smith said: “We’re still advertising in newspapers and on property portals such as Rightmove and OnTheMarket, but with over 23.5m people in the UK on Facebook daily, you have to question what the future holds for such forms of advertising.

“We can reach those people who buy houses who don’t even know they are looking until they fall in love with a property.

“We’re using a cartoon character called ‘Jess’ to promote our service and explain that Flink finds the buyers that other agents don’t – providing a quicker sale for a higher price.”

Scandinavian estate agents using their own version of the software are said to have reported a target audience of 150% of the size they saw previously, leading to 28% more buyers, resulting in sales price increases of up to 6% and reducing the time to sell by 27%.

Spicerhaart, which operates the haart, Chewton Rose, Felicity J Lord, Haybrook and Darlows brands, has also created a dashboard for sellers to keep track of the interest being generated via social media in their property.

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Source:: Agent launches advertising ‘game changer which could spell shift from portals’