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allAgents removes over 70 reviews of Purplebricks after legal challenges, claim

Over half the reviews of Purplebricks on the allAgents site have been removed, with Purplebricks saying it would vigorously defend its reputation against lies and defamation.

Martin McKenzie, of allAgents, said that a legal letter had been received.

He told EYE that 71 – over half the total reviews – have been removed

He said: “All the challenged reviews are one stars with the exception of one, which is a three star review.”

McKenzie said yesterday: “allAgents received correspondence from Purplebricks’s legal representatives threatening legal action if we do not remove 71 negative reviews. allAgents has decided to action their request pending further investigation.”

Despite the removal of reviews, last night a number on the site were giving negative reviews of Purplebricks.

A spokesperson for Purplebricks told us: “Purplebricks is proud of its reputation and the quality of the service that it delivers for customers.

“We will defend this reputation vigorously from smears, falsehoods and defamation.”


Separately, there was some mystery at the weekend as to Trustpilot reviews of the new US Purplebricks business.

While some reviews remained up on Saturday – including one which said that all the reviews were from the UK – many had been removed and were replaced with a message from Purplebricks USA saying it had reported the review.

The text stated: “We believe this review should be on our UK Trustpilot site. This is currently under review and appropriate action will be taken.”

However, a company spokesperson told EYE: “Purplebricks now operates in the UK under Purplebricks.co.uk and in the US from Purplebricks.com.

“Reflecting this the Trustpilot reviews have, as planned, migrated to the UK site. We look forward to delivering a fantastic service stateside and securing thousands of new brand advocates, to match those in the UK and Australia.”

The screengrab below shows that Purplebricks USA has reported Trustpilot reviews on the basis that they should be on the UK site


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Source:: allAgents removes over 70 reviews of Purplebricks after legal challenges, claim