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Ask Alexa! Hybrid agent installs digital home assistant to feed tenants’ queries directly to landlords


A hybrid agent that focuses on technology rather than a branch network to provide services has developed a way for tenants and landlords to communicate through Amazon’s digital home assistant Alexa.

Households can currently hear the news, listen to music and order their shopping using Alexa’s skills, and now tenants and landlords using London agent Vesper Homes will be able to communicate using the device.

All landlords signed up to Vesper Homes’ fully managed service receive a free voice-controlled Amazon Echo Dot, which can provide instant details if they ask questions such as: “When is my rent due?” or “Has my rent been paid?”

Tenants will also receive the device and will be able to report issues, such as a boiler breakdown, through it that are then sent directly to Vesper Homes.

James Cameron, director of Vesper Homes, said: “Alexa is just one of the solutions we have come up with to improve the landlord and tenant experience, with more to come.

“We aim to deploy a leading-edge technological platform with a variety of differentiated, client-driven features and processes aimed firmly at improving an already superior service for both landlords and tenants alike with the addition of an enhanced digital drive and presence.”

Vesper Homes raised £120,000 through crowdfunding on Seedrs last year to build its platform.

It offers all the same services as traditional agencies but only has offices in London and Richmond, plus an outpost in Singapore.

There are no branches and all dealings are done on the phone or online.


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Source:: Ask Alexa! Hybrid agent installs digital home assistant to feed tenants’ queries directly to landlords