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Automatic Valuations - How ? Why ?

It now seems that anyone can go online, pop in their postcode and the results a website returns can make your day, or make you cry.

These are website claiming to give you an instant valuation for your property. The main site claiming to do this is Zoopla, but there are many more on the market such as ValPal, OwnMove, the list goes on.

These sites, may all use different methods, algorithms, land registry data, witchcraft, etc etc.

One thing that they all have in common though is that you will need to give them something in return for their result for you.

You will need to give them your contact information and give them information about the property. This information is valuable to them, it gives them the chance to call you up, e-mail you, sell to you, or simply gather information on properties widening their databases.

What do you get in return for giving them the valuable information, in some cases nothing more than a number, generated automatically from what your neighbours house sold for, along with what you paid for the property.

My advice is to call a local agent, discuss your property with them and ask them to visit, this way, you get a correct market appraisal from someone who as actually seen the bricks and mortar. In most cases this is free.

If you have a property in Manchester City Centre and would like a free appraisal then do give Suttons City Living a call on 0161 832 9922.


Rob Kenyon

Sales and Lettings Manager