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Chris Wood mounts bid to get NAEA election and AGM overturned

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Chris Wood, whose application to be a vice-president of NAEA Propertymark earlier this year was blocked, has said he is going to seek to have the election overturned.

Wood, a Cornish independent agent, says he will also seek to get June’s AGM overturned and to make the board subject to a disciplinary procedure.

In an email yesterday to Propertymark executive chairman Christopher Hamer, Wood rejected an offer of an informal meeting with Hamer to try and resolve the matter.

Wood said he saw no point in any further meeting unless mutual legal representatives were in attendance.

Earlier, on August 31, Hamer had written to Wood saying: “I have again reviewed all the correspondence on this matter. As you have noted we dispute that there has been anything unconstitutional in the vice-president selection process and I have to advise you of no change in our stance. At this stage therefore I have nothing further to add to previous exchanges.

“You have expressed a wish to resolve the matter informally and notwithstanding what I have said in the above paragraph, I remain prepared to meet with you. I leave that option with you.”

Wood submitted an application to be vice-president and was summoned to an interview panel. He was then told by Hamer in a letter that his application would go no further. It was therefore not put to the vote of members.

Wood, who subsequently tried – but failed – to have the vice-presidential election halted, claimed that the “pre-selection process” was unconstitutional.

He claimed that the “secret panel and subsequent interview process … is without precedent and is thus a breach of the rules” of the body’s memorandum and articles.

This has been totally denied by Propertmark, which insists that the process had been correct and robust, and in line with Article 30.

Invited to comment on Wood’s latest move, a Propertymark spokesperson last night said: “We are disappointed that Chris Woods has chosen not to engage following our attempts to reach out to him.

“We will not be commenting further on this issue.”

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Source:: Chris Wood mounts bid to get NAEA election and AGM overturned