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Complaint about Purplebricks’ standard fee claim informally resolved by advertising watchdog

A complaint about Purplebricks and its description of the standard fee it charges has been informally resolved by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The ASA said it received a complaint about the hybrid agent’s website, which made reference to “our standard fee £849”.

The complainant challenged whether the claim could be substantiated

Purplebricks’ website as it appeared before it was amended

Next to the text was an icon which, when hovered over, revealed the following text: “This is our standard fee for everywhere outside of London and surrounding areas, where we charge £1,199 inc VAT. Around 40% of our customers pay us a fixed fee of £300 to cover ALL viewings.”

Purplebricks has since agreed to amend its website.

Meanwhile, the ASA has confirmed that a separate complaint from aspirant trade body CIELA about Purplebricks, lodged at the end of January, has been passed to its compliance team.

The ASA said: “We did receive the mentioned complaint from CIELA as a separate case. We concluded the ad breached our previous ruling, so the case has moved to our compliance team, who are now working directly with Purplebricks on the issue.”

Also informally resolved this week were complaints against “rental community” OpenRent, which claims to be the UK’s biggest letting agent, and Peterborough-based letting agent HSB Homes.

In OpenRent’s case, the ASA received two complaints about a video featured on its website, which included the claim: “With OpenRent you have access to sites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Gumtree and more, so your advert will be seen by literally millions of potential tenants.”

It also claimed that landlords made an average saving of £3,118 when a property is leased through its business.

After an approach from the ASA, OpenRent agreed to remove the first claim.

OpenRent also offered an assurance that for the second claim it would either make changes in accordance with the ASA’s recommendations or it would not make any savings claims in the future.

Meanwhile, the ASA received a complaint about a property listing placed on Rightmove by HSB Homes which did not clearly list the fees.

The ASA said: “The advertiser assured us that the listing has since been removed. We also received assurance that any future listing will clearly state administration fees.”


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Source:: Complaint about Purplebricks’ standard fee claim informally resolved by advertising watchdog