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Complaints about ‘hand-written’ circular rejected by advertising watchdog


A circular for a quick purchase firm which had parts of it looking like handwriting was reported to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Two people who received it challenged whether the advert was obviously identifiable as a marketing communication.

However, the ASA has not upheld their complaints.

The circular, for Property Purchased Fast, included a reference number which appeared to be handwritten, and text which included: “Can you please call Adam” which also looked like handwriting.

Other text explained: “We are a genuine property fund looking to purchase homes in your area regardless of condition or price.”

There were also references as to its membership of a redress scheme, and registration with the ICO for data protection.

On the other side of the circular there were explanations as to how the valuation system worked, plus testimonials.

Property Purchased Fast believed the circular made the nature of its business clear, and that the purpose of the circular was also clear.

The ASA agreed.

Agents should, however, be aware that the use of handwriting fonts could cause problems.

The ASA has previously ruled that apparently hand-written touting notes from Spicerhaart brands asking householders to “call me as a matter of urgency about the sale of your home” were not obviously identifiable as marketing communications, and banned them.

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Source:: Complaints about ‘hand-written’ circular rejected by advertising watchdog