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Convicted thief who took part in jewellery robbery went on to work for agent

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A home owner googled the agent who came to value his property after losing his business card – and was shocked to find that the agent had recently come out of jail for his part in a £300,000 robbery.

Kane Oye was sentenced to three years in prison after he and an accomplice raided a jewellery shop in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, in May 2014.

Oye was arrested three days after the raid, in which the pair used an axe to break in, and was held in custody.

A report of his sentencing appeared in the local paper, completely with a police ‘mugshot’.

On release, Oye went to work as a lettings negotiator for haart in Harrow, north London – a position which is still on his LinkedIn profile.

The landlord had asked haart to value his property for rental purposes.

He said: “He didn’t seem like the usual estate agent, he was very cocky and aggressive and confident. I also saw that he was wearing a Rolex, which most estate agents don’t wear, and drove a Mercedes.

“He gave me his card, which I lost, but remembered his name so I typed it in online. Then I saw he had been jailed for three years over a £300,000 robbery.

‘How can a criminal ex-prisoner like this be allowed to go into people’s homes? Especially after the crime he has committed.”

A spokesperson for haart told EYE: “We try very hard to vet all prospective employees and ask all of them to declare any previous convictions during the application process.

“Our former employee Kane Oye was untruthful about his previous conviction and now no longer works for us.”


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Source:: Convicted thief who took part in jewellery robbery went on to work for agent