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Divorced, beheaded, died – here’s an everyday tale of ‘disruptive’ estate agents

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Divorced, beheaded, died.

Divorced, beheaded, survived.

It’s the way to remember how many wives Henry the eighth had.

So, who are the winners and the losers in the battle of the online/hybrid agents? An interesting piece takes a look at the ‘six wives’ of proptech: http://proptechconsult.com/2018/01/16/six-wives-proptech/

Clearly, the article suggests that for at least five of them, things didn’t go that well.

We can’t comment on the analysis, so let’s concentrate on the positive – the survivor.

Step forward Russell Quirk of Emoov.

The citation says: “Still in post as CEO and now backed with what appears to be a healthy war chest and experienced management team, Quirk has outlasted the rest of his peer group and Emoov remains the only business with any likelihood of reaching sustainability and achieving a meaningful exit.

“Quirk certainly appears to be the equivalent of Catherine Parr.”


We seem to remember that Catherine Parr did indeed survive marriage to ‘Enery, only to re-marry shortly afterwards and then die just one year later in the agonies of childbirth.

Now there’s a thought.

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Source:: Divorced, beheaded, died – here’s an everyday tale of ‘disruptive’ estate agents