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Drama as man produces knife in estate agency and threatens bloodbath


Police were called to an estate and letting agency where a man had produced a knife, barricaded the doors and threatened a bloodbath.

The incident happened in Warrington and came to light in a tweet by Warrington Police, who did not name the agent concerned.

The tweet said: “Officers were earlier deployed to a letting agents on Orford Lane after a male was alleged to have attended to make a complaint but ending up producing a knife, barricading the doors and making threats of a ‘bloodbath’.

“Male detained using taser and was subsequently arrested for affray by PC Shevlin.”

However, in a series of tweets it emerged that the agency was 222 Estates, whose owner Liam Grundy posted to say that everyone was fine, including the man who had been tasered.

Grundy said that the man sadly had mental health issues and believed incorrectly that a tenant was to blame for his troubles.

Grundy told EYE that the key to getting through the incident was to remain calm and to speak to the man civilly so as not to escalate the situation.

He did not know whether any charges would follow the incident, but hoped the man would receive treatment.


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Source:: Drama as man produces knife in estate agency and threatens bloodbath