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easyProperty to offer agents share options – and to launch Academy this month

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Founder members of relaunched easyProperty are to be offered share options this week.

The 150 businesses across the Fine & Country and Guild networks that chose to take out easyProperty licences will be sent the papers this week.

Jon Cooke, easyProperty’s CEO, also revealed plans to launch easyProperty Recruitment very shortly, and by the end of the month, the easyProperty Academy.

The first will help the licensees of the 336 territories recruit new Local Property Professionals – there are currently 388, up from 360 at launch.

The Academy will offer a complete training service.

Cooke also told EYE why the property inventory on Rightmove has shrunk since the relaunch a month ago.

He said that what appears on Rightmove does not reflect today’s actual property numbers because the vast majority on Rightmove are legacy listings and all are handled centrally.

The easyProperty microsite on Rightmove shows that at relaunch, there were 155 properties listed including SSTC.

Yesterday, there were 113, of which 83 were available, with just three new listings added since the relaunch.

But all these properties, said Cooke, are being handled centrally and at some stage that central listing on Rightmove will reduce down to zero.

Instead, he said, each individual licensee business has their own relationship with Rightmove and uploads their own easyProperty listings through Brand Extra.

However, Cooke could not say what the current overall national inventory is for easyProperty, and said it was “hard to aggregate” numbers.

He also agreed that there appears to be nowhere where the overall number of homes for sale through easyProperty can be found.

He said that he will now consider how this might be done. He pointed out that on the easyProperty site, it is possible to search by area.

Our own search yesterday yielded some slightly odd results – for example, a search for London properties quickly yielded 257 results, before the display on the screen changed to show a chunk of the south-east of England with 616 properties. However, both numbers are clearly well ahead of what is shown on Rightmove.

A search for Basingstoke (our nearest big town) showed two listings, neither in Basingstoke.

Cooke also said that some of the vendors of those legacy properties have expressed interest in switching to a full agency service – “And we have been able to introduce them.”

Cooke said that the relaunched business is performing in line with expectations, and moving at a fast rate: “The great news is that we have lots of people visiting the site, lots of requests for valuations, and we are delivering lots of leads.”

He would not be drawn on the prospect of a stock market launch being considered in the New Year, as is part of the timeline.

Nor would he say if easyProperty licences will be rolled out beyond Guild and Fine & Country members. He said: “We have never said we will not do this, but for the time being we are concentrating on these brands.”


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