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EweMove defends campaign to poach other agents’ staff by writing to them in their offices

EweMove has strongly defended its letter-writing campaign to poach other agents’ staff in their own workplaces, saying that it is proud of doing things differently and of being a “Marmite” brand.

It has also pointed out that its letter-writing drive mirrors recruitment campaigns run through the trade press, including EYE.

The campaign has so far sent out nearly 20,000 letters. It specifically targets other firms’ employees in their current offices that EweMove could recruit as new franchisees.

The boss of an agency who opened a letter meant for his staff described it as “unashamed”.

The letter is in the form of a six-page document from EweMove ‘head shepherd’ Nick Neill, which starts with the words “Calling entrepreneurial employees”.

The letter goes on: “I believe a partnership with EweMove gives you a one-time opportunity not only to safeguard your future, but also to build your own estate agency business and take control of your destiny.

“You won’t be the first estate agent employee to make the jump.”

The letter lays out the £1,995 cost of becoming a franchisee plus the ongoing £1,000 monthly licence fee.

The letter also spells out that anyone responding to the letter can do so confidentially: “We can call you during the evening or at weekends so there’s no risk of your boss or colleagues finding out.”

One agency to have received the letter is Normie & Co, in Manchester – where the boss opened it.

Director David Mintz described the letter as “unashamed” and “an extremely bold move, which smacks of total desperation”.

He said: “I would assume that they haven’t been successful in attracting reps/franchisees.

“They seem to be slashing the upfront entry costs to very little, but then again it attracts the kind of person that might rather like the idea working from their bedroom in their pyjamas. Either way they are unlikely to find new recruits here at Normie & Co.”

A spokesperson for EweMove said that the recruitment campaign directly targeting other agency’s staff in their offices had been started last year.

It had proved very successful and the decision made to re-run it.

She said that EweMove was a bit like Marmite – not everyone would like it, and some employers might find its letter-writing recruitment campaign unpalatable.

However, the campaign was proving successful in signing up new franchisees.

She went on: “EweMove has and always will be a brand that doesn’t appeal to everyone and we’re unapologetically proud of that fact.

“Our approach to marketing to agents personally is no different than our approach by e-shot through Property Industry Eye, Estate Agent Today and the Negotiator’s databases. It’s just a hard copy version of this marketing.

“And it’s no different than an estate agent writing to a vendor who has a house on the market with another agent.

“No agent likes it, but it happens across the industry and if the customer is happy and the agent is doing a great job, then there should be nothing to worry about.

“We live in a marketing world that’s hugely competitive and people are poached all the time by recruitment agents and via LinkedIn.

“There are many estate agents currently feeling disillusioned and on the look-out for other opportunities.

“But if estate agents are perfectly satisfied where they are now, the letter won’t have any impact on them and they won’t leave.”

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Source:: EweMove defends campaign to poach other agents’ staff by writing to them in their offices