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Fake Twitter account goes live in name of Perple Brix – but who is behind it?

A parody Twitter account has been set up in the name of “Perple Brix”.

Its launch appears to have followed news that Purplebricks senior non-executive director Nick Discombe has sold 1.6m shares for £3 each, for a total of £4.8m, apparently freeing cash to buy property. He still owns almost 5m shares.

Discombe has been an investor in Purplebricks since 2014 and was chairman when it launched on the stock exchange in December 2015, with shares at £1.

Last month Purplebricks founders Michael and Kenny Bruce cashed in more than £17m after selling some of their holding.

So far – by yesterday afternoon – the parody account has tweeted just six times, is following 77 (including a vineyard and Jeremy Corbyn but only a handful of estate agents) and has just 11 followers.

Its tiny output of tweets at first look anodyne.

There’s some gardening advice, a three-bedroom property and something on the General Election – all are re-tweets from agents.

And then you come to Perple Brix’s own tweet, which alleges on an ‘advertising hoarding’: “We charge whether we sell or not!

“In a recent study we had a 25% success rate. Sadly 75% of our clients lost their £849 they paid us.

“We acheive [sic] on average a poor 77% of the asking price.

“Recently one of the senior non-executive directors of Purplebricks, Neil Discombe, has sold nearly one quarter of his shares at around £5m.

“A tidy sum you will agree from upfront fees.”

We have no idea who is behind this one, but parody Twitter accounts are not usually long for this world.

So we were surprised, during a trip down memory lane, to see that Con The Market is still around – although it has been silent since last November. And we still have no idea who is or was behind that one, despite EYE having once offered a ‘dead or alive’ reward.



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Source:: Fake Twitter account goes live in name of Perple Brix – but who is behind it?