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High street agents ‘bring much more to the table’ than onliners, claim


An agent has rebutted accusations by Purplebricks that vendors are often left in the dark as to whether all offers have been passed on to them by high street firms. Purplebricks also said that high street firms left sellers out of pocket.

But Shaun Amner, a Winkworth franchisee, said that traditional agents “bring much more to the table” than online firms which he said do not generate buyer competition to achieve the best price for clients.

He also said agents can use up-to-date technology to ensure that vendors are completely informed of buyer interest ­including whether they are likely to offer, and what they like and don’t like about a property.

Amner is involved in the new generation of proptech, specifically a new app which is designed for agents to use immediately after viewings, enabling feedback to be sent immediately to sellers from the buyers themselves although they still have to communicate through the agent.

Amner said: “Apart from capturing buyer feedback immediately after a viewing and emailing to the vendor, the app also uses an algorithm to analyse all feedback for the property and then compares this to those properties that are selling and those that aren’t.

“In doing so, it allocates an individual score for the property and this, coupled with the exact scores of each individual viewer, provides them with genuine insight and complete transparency.”

Amner said: “The key benefit of using a good, local traditional agent is their proactive sales approach coupled with their database of relevant buyers which can help to ensure maximum interest in a short space of time. This then leads to competition for the property and ultimately it’s through creating competition that allows the agent to fully explore a property’s maximum value.

“Online agents simply list a property and then wait for the enquiries to come in.

“It’s a completely reactive approach and often means it takes much longer for them to find a buyer. This means that little, if any, competition is created, which in turn impacts negatively on the sale price achieved.

“Traditional agents know that they bring much more to the table than the online agents, despite what the online agents would have the public believe.”


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Source:: High street agents ‘bring much more to the table’ than onliners, claim