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How one viewer welcomed being shown around by a non-agent


What happens if you are showing someone around a property when you are not an estate agent?

In the case of journalist Myra Butterworth, she couldn’t open the door.

Butterworth observes that it wasn’t the best start to her stint at being a ‘Viewber’ – the outsourced viewing service launched by former London agent Ed Mead.

However, the door problem was swiftly solved, and the viewer did not mind being shown around by a non-agent.

In fact she seemed to welcome it, saying: “You know as soon as you walk in if you are going to like the property and so a heavy sales pitch is unnecessary.”

However, as Butterworth points out, as a non-agent she was not expected to be able to answer any questions about the property.

Being a Viewber is pin money, Butterworth also points out, paying between £10 and £20 per viewing plus travel money.


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