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‘I just bearhugged the woman’: Connells agents turn heroes following petrol explosions


Estate agents at a Connells branch in Milton Keynes have become local heroes after helping evacuate their local area during a fire.

The staff at Connells spotted smoke coming out of two nearby garages and came to the rescue as petrol stored inside exploded.

They knocked on the doors of local residents to evacuate the area while firefighters rushed to the scene.

One of the agents, branch manager Laura Garnett, stopped one home owner rushing back into her house to save her pets.

Garnett told her local paper: “A lady who owned one of the garages was in real distress, saying her dog and cat were inside the house. The lady had a hip problem and was threatening to go inside for her pets. I knew I had to help.

“Suddenly there was a second explosion and I knew we had to get out immediately. I just bearhugged the woman, picked her up and carried her out.

“If that had gone off it could have wiped out the whole street.”

The report said the dog had been found but there is no mention of the cat.

More strangely, when EYE contacted the Connells branch we were told that Garnett has now left the firm but had not joined another agency.

A statement from the Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire and Rescue Service said the blaze was caused by a discarded cigarette.

It said fire in a double garage linking two houses damaged a car and van and caused slight external damage to both homes.

Ian Fry, national operations director for Connells Group, said: “We are incredibly proud of our staff and their fast actions which assisted to prevent an even worse situation and until the firefighters could take over.”

Read the full article.

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Source:: ‘I just bearhugged the woman’: Connells agents turn heroes following petrol explosions