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Italian Restauranteur Invests in Manchester Property Scene

Ship Canal House, 98 King Street, Manchester, UK
Creative Commons License photo credit: Adam B.

Further evidence of the vibrancy and profitability of the Manchester property sector emerged this week with the news that Italian restaurant owner Bo Khan has opened his first 100-head eatery in the city.

Mr Khan, is also taking advantage of the positive situation to get a foot in the door with the Manchester property scene, following the opening of the Per Tutti restaurant on Liverpool Road. The £1.45m investment has seemingly paid off already, with the site already hitting its financial targets and a second outlet for the Greater Manchester area already in the pipeline.

“I saw Liverpool Road as a growth opportunity. The area is constantly developing and there are already some great restaurants in the same location attracting visitors to the area,” Mr Khan told the Manchester Evening News.

“Although there are several Italian restaurants in the city, we wanted an offering that served simple Italian dishes made from scratch. Everything from the pizza dough to the ravioli is made by our chefs in the kitchen. Customers want authentic cuisine and business has been doing well.”

The entrepeneur added that he wishes to consolidate his hold on the Manchester property scene by obtaining a new site every year over the next five years.