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Man U Seeks to Expand Manchester Property Portfolio


International footballing juggernaut Manchester United could soon be moving more squarely into the Manchester property scene, if reports out this week are anything to go by.

The club is apparently considering buying properties on the Trafford Park industrial estate, which is close to the team’s iconic ground.

The Manchester property portfolio that Man U is sniffing around at the moment belongs to industrial property concern Segro, which has recently put some £1.6 billion of its assets on the market.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that the football club is looking at obtaining any number of the dozen properties up for sale in the Trafford Park area. It has previously bought three of the sites on the industrial estate, in October last year, but remains tight-lipped about its specific plans for the Manchester property buys, with a spokesman merely saying that “if land becomes available in the vicinity we are always interested.”