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Manchester Property Boom on Back of 'Airport City'?


A massive revitalisation of the Wythenshawe area is helping to fuel a miniature Manchester property boom, reports this week revealed.

A £650 million development around Manchester Airport, known as Airport City, is taking place, following a government announcement at the start of the year that the area was now an “enterprise zone” with fast-track planning and financial incentives to attract Manchester property developers.

The scheme plans to create a new urban centre for the Manchester area, containing a combination of offices, retail and leisure facilities and hotels – as well as a second zone concentrating on freight and logistics close to the airport’s present cargo zone off junction six of the M56.

The Metrolink network is being extended to the airport and a new tram stop is being build on Shadowmoss Road, slated to open in 2016.

Manchester City Council believes that the development will create thousands of new jobs, revitalise the local economy and improve transport links. Furthermore, it will act as a filip for the Manchester property scene in the area, with higher property values for people already living in the Wythenshawe area and new builds acting as a sound future investment.