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Manchester's 10 Tallest Buildings

The Manchester property sector has many impressive buildings to boast of and the city itself is an impressive sight, combining the grandeur of the industrial age with the thrusting glamour of the 21st century. One of the most visible aspects of this is the tall buildings of Manchester. Property developers tend to like having at least a couple of flagship tall buildings in their portfolio, and here we look at the ten tallest buildings in the city, both business and residential:

  1. Beetham Tower. Completed in 2006 and soaring to 168 metres, this city centre building is the tallest in the UK outside London and the eighth tallest in the country. It is a mixed residential and commercial building, combining apartments, bars and a Hilton hotel.
  2. CIS Tower. Completed in 1962, this office building (the initials stand for Co-operative Insurance Tower) stands at 118 metres and is the tallest office building outside London. It is now covered with solar cells, following extensive renovation in 2004.
  3. City Tower. Formerly known as the Sunley Building, this office and retail building rises to 107 metres and boasts the highest office space that is currently available in the city. It was completed in 1965 and is one of Manchester’s premier radio broadcasting sites, hosting the antennas for Capital FM, Rock Radio, XFM, BBC Digital One, CE Manchester and MXR North West.
  4. Arndale House. Finished in 1979, Arndale House is 90 metres high and is an office complex, forming part of the Arndale Centre.
  5. Portland Tower. This 80 metres high, brutalist high-rise is named after its location on Portland Street. It is an office building and was one of the first high-rise buildings to be constructed in the UK upon its completion in 1962.
  6. Civil Justice Centre. This striking looking building – nicknamed “the filing cabinet”, houses Manchester’s civil courts and associated offices. At 80 metres high, it is currently the joint sixth tallest building in the City Centre.
  7. 3 Hardman Street. This 16-storey high-rise tower is 75 metres high and is the sixth tallest Manchester building. It was completed in February 2009 and is a mixture of office and retail space.
  8. Great Northern Tower. Standing at 72 metres in height, this is one of Manchester’s tallest residential developments, with a sloping profile encompassing 10 or 25 storeys. It was completed in late 2006.
  9. Jefferson Place. This is another residential high-rise, coming in at 70 metres high. Building was completed in 2007.
  10. The Light House. With building finished in 2008, this is one of Manchester’s most recent high-rises, and it stands 67 metres high. It is a mixed residential and office block.