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£million bonanza in the offing! Agents set to be big referral winners

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Zoopla says it has delivered over £1m in potential referral fees to its agents via its new MoveIt tool.

If all the remaining referrals go on to convert to actual deals, the total payout will be £1m.

It says that some subscribing agents are already financially getting more out of Zoopla than they are paying in.

In a statement, ZPG said: “MoveIt provides agents with the opportunity to build their own supplier panels and offer their home-movers with quotes from organisations including conveyancing, financial services and utility switching.

“Every successful referral through MoveIt is a boost to a ZPG agent’s bottom-line profits.”

Mark Goddard, managing director of ZPG Property Services, said: “This is a significant milestone for MoveIt and highlights our leading value proposition and demonstrates our commitment to generating new revenue streams for our partners.

“Through MoveIt we are helping our agent members play a greater role in the home-move process of their clients and saving them time by providing a range of quotes.

“We now have many examples of agents who are using MoveIt and are now in a net positive position financially in terms of their relationship with ZPG.”



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