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Mothers pride: Women use social media to give unprompted recommendations of local agent


There are rating sites and there’s Google and Facebook for reviews – and then there are mums.

When a Hampshire woman was thinking of putting her home on the market, she asked a local Facebook group called Emsworth Mums (3,700 members) for their opinions as to the best estate agents.

The recommendations were quick to pour in – and almost all were for Treagust & Co, headed by Mark Treagust.

The very first one said: “Treagust and Co, 100%.”

Dozens of comments followed, all the kind of testimonials that . . . well, any agent would want.

Every single post that mentioned the firm recommended it without qualification.

“Helpful and followed everything up well.” “Reliable, honest and really efficient.” “Can’t rate him highly enough.” “Treagust – wouldn’t recommend anyone else.”And “I like the fact that when you walk in to Treagust’s office you will find the owner and the manager in there with his team and so approachable”.

Within the day, the woman who had originally asked for recommendations posted up that she had made an appointment with Treagust & Co.

The thread did produce some decidedly iffy comments about other agents – mums in Emsworth seem particularly averse to ‘pushy’ agents – but there were also plaudits for a couple of others, notably Hazel & Co, and Borland & Bound.

Treagust said the feedback via Facebook was especially valuable because opinions, whether good or bad, cannot be filtered.

He said: “I’ve always found that Facebook is one of the very few ways that you can really read or get at the truth.

“Bearing in mind there are over 25 agents to choose from in this area, this has really made my week.”

So what’s his secret? “A simple business ethos – look after your community and they will look after you.”


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Source:: Mothers pride: Women use social media to give unprompted recommendations of local agent