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Negotiator with corporate firm pays for own training AND takes day off as holiday

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A young negotiator working for a corporate will have to pay for his own attendance at an acclaimed training seminar – and take the day off as holiday.

Richard Rawlings, who is running a nationwide series of seminars under the banner of the Estate Agency Survival Tour, said: “This is a disgraceful lack of support for keen new blood.”

Rawlings received an email from the negotiator keen to attend the session, which said: “I work for a major corporate and they expect immediate results without giving us the training. That’s why I am looking in external training as I believe in investing in myself.

“If I can get the day off then I will be paying for the day for myself.

“I can email you my personal and branch targets for this year – to say they are close to impossible is an understatement.

“And our new regional director along with the managing director are both visiting our branch this week.

“The branch where I am based is like a cold start office and I truly believe it will take at least 18 months to two years to turn it around and bring it back to profitability. However, we have about six to 12 months to beat our sales and valuations targets for last year.”

Rawlings, who did not name either the negotiator or their employer, said that feedback from his Estate Agency Survival Tour has so far been excellent, with 500 agents currently booked to attend.

One attendee said: “23 years in estate agency and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Another said: “This morning’s seminar was actually quite a shock – but exactly what we needed.”

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Source:: Negotiator with corporate firm pays for own training AND takes day off as holiday