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New trade body CIELA will be open only to individual owner-managers

The new trade body currently being formed, the Charter for Independent Estate and Letting Agents, has announced that it will be open for individual but not company memberships.

The proposed rules of entry state that CIELA will be an organisation for the individual owners of qualifying businesses, but not for the businesses themselves.

It will also, not surprisingly, ban online agents.

CIELA, in the course of being set up by software company boss Charlie Wright, says it will be “first and foremost the collective voice of independent owner-managed estate and letting agencies”.

It proposes that its rules will automatically, and legally, disqualify any employee of a corporate estate agency from joining.

Wright said: “We have already received multiple expressions of interest from people who consider themselves highly influential in the industry, applying for regional officer positions and asking to be involved to bring their years of industry experience to bear.

“Whilst CIELA appreciates these approaches, they do not qualify for membership because they are not owner-managers of their own agency businesses, but employees of corporates, or consultants to the industry.”


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Source:: New trade body CIELA will be open only to individual owner-managers