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New website launches allowing agents to track local property data


A new website has launched, allowing agents, landlords and others to use Zoopla data to analyse house prices, property sizes, capital growth and rental yields in any postcode.

PropertyData, a tool that explores Zoopla’s open data, is offering a free 30-day trial.

Each postcode ‘page’ also lists the top five agents by market share, including the properties they have for sale.

Following a free trial, there are three paid-for packages, from £6 per month to £24. The £6 package allows for 15 monthly searches; the £12 package buys up to 60 searches; and the £24 package gives unlimited monthly searches.

PropertyData has been launched by a small private firm, Liberty Tech, which is also behind BetData, which tracks live political betting odds such as who will win the French Presidential election, whether Trump will leave before the end of his first term, and if so, when (this year is the hot favourite).

Michael Dent, director of Liberty Tech, said that Zoopla’s open data API (Application Program Interface) has the specific purpose of allowing tools to be created off the data.

He said: “Zoopla have a brilliant open data API. Rightmove, unfortunately, do not make anything of the sort available.”

Dent previously launched an engine called PropertySorter allowing users to search property by square footage and which he sold to Property Detective. Zoopla now has a similar functionality in its search.

Dent said that the agents listed per area do not pay to have their logos shown, and nor are they consulted. They are simply selected impartially on market share.

He also stressed that the free trial is a full trial of the paid-for functionality.

He intends more features to be added over time. He said: “Our general approach when launching new software is to get it out there and see what users actually want.”


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