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Offering Joe Public a choice of both full service and direct may at least get you through the door


You turn your head for two weeks and the world changes.

Grenfell Tower, Brexit talks start, and The Guild cosies up to easyProperty.

The latter doesn’t move the dial in the same way that either of the former does but, with one big caveat: anyone who simply dismisses it out of hand may be missing the point.

I’ve written elsewhere that you simply can’t ignore the tens of millions being spent letting Joe Public know that there are other ways to market your home than through a high street agent.

I’ve deliberately not said “sold” as the jury still seems out on actual performance.

To hear the biggest online outfit saying they don’t release that data because their peers don’t is stretching credulity to breaking point.

But I do wonder if the way the selling public appraises and then chooses their agent is changing.

For as long as I can remember most potential sellers will get three agents round – a local, a national and someone in between. Anecdotally it would seem that many now at least flirt with the idea of an online agent as the third and will have them look at their property, just to see.

The implication of this is that unless as a high street agent you have at least some kind of direct offering you may be missing out on getting your foot in the door.

Anecdotally, it seems that for some, offering both a direct and full service could be working. The fact that local sellers know the agent offers a direct service is getting them through more doors and then enabling an upsell to full service.

Indeed the vast majority (>90%) of those who talk to a local agent offering a “direct” service seemingly end up selling on full service.

Given we know an agent’s real work starts at the offer stage, this would seem to enable local agents to simply cover off both angles to best advantage.

Independent agents often struggle to answer anything technical for reasons of cost, and who is to say that IF the Guild’s members, all independent local agents, can get their heads around working with easyProperty, they could have an immediate entrée into what may be one way agents will work in the future.

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