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Online agent declares war on rival Purplebricks as it runs spoof ‘commisery’ advert

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An online agent has declared all-out war on Purplebricks – and is deploying controversial allAgents reviews in its weaponry.

Last night, however, Purplebricks said that the claims made by Scottish House Move are both inaccurate and misleading.

The allAgents reviews shown on the Scottish House Move’s home page are the subject of legal dispute, with Purplebricks saying a high proportion are either fake or cannot be authenticated.

Scottish House Move’s home page also tells prospective customers: “Save up to £750 over Purplebricks.”

The page runs a video which closely mimics Purplebricks ‘commisery’ TV adverts.

It features a man and a woman sitting at a kitchen table discussing online estate agency prices, as a Scottish bagpiper enters the room.

When the man discovers he paid more than he might have done, he turns a shade of purple while the bagpiper drops an egg on him.

The advert ends: “Don’t go purple and get egg on your face.”

Unlike most online agents which claim to make savings against high street firms, Scottish House Move instead claims to make savings against Purplebricks.

It says that the £750 saving that can be made is based on taking Purplebricks’ additional services such as Home Reports which have to be carried out in Scotland, mortgage referrals and legal reports.

Charging an upfront fee of £595 or £895 upon sale, Scottish House Move highlights that it takes no commission on legal fees or Home Reports.

Claiming to be Scotland’s largest and top rated fixed fee agency, Scottish House Move also displays side by side allAgents ratings for both itself and Purplebricks.

Out of 349 ratings for itself, it says that 98% of reviewers would recommend it and that 99% are satisfied with its fees.

Out of 66 reviews of Purplebricks, it suggests that only 20% would recommend Purplebricks while 41% are satisfied with the fee.

The Scottish site also runs a section called “Truth about Purplebricks” which is headed “Ten things Purplebricks don’t want you to know”.

Last night, a spokesperson for Purplebricks told us: “The claims made are inaccurate and misleading.

“We have previously written to them requesting amendments but so far they have refused.

“However, as the largest estate agent in Scotland, with thousands of happy customers, we are winning in the area that matters.”


From the Scottish House Move website – displaying allAgents reviews side by side. The reviews of Purplebricks are largely disputed as fake or incapable of being authenticated

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Source:: Online agent declares war on rival Purplebricks as it runs spoof ‘commisery’ advert