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OnTheMarket launches first outdoor advertising campaign

OnTheMarket has launched its first outdoor advertising campaign which highlights the portal’s ‘new & exclusive’ properties.

Displayed at rail and tube stations, bus stops, and in the streets, the hoardings are currently appearing at over 1,500 sites throughout London.

Each poster carries the words: ‘OnTheMarket gets thousands of new properties every month, 24 hours or more before Rightmove or Zoopla. So don’t miss out. Set up a property alert today.’

Each ‘New & exclusive’ property listing appears at the top of the search results with an enhanced presentation which displays three pictures instead of just one. It also appears at the top of the property alerts sent to consumers via email.

In addition, the OTM TV advert has been running since the beginning of this month, airing on ITV, Channel 4 and satellite/digital channels, with spots during Coronation Street, Midsomer Murders, The Durrells and ITV’s new drama, Innocent.

Ian Springett, chief executive officer of OTM, said: “Our outdoor campaign is a powerful and highly visible way for us to build brand awareness, to showcase our ‘New & exclusive’ properties and to encourage active property-seekers to set up a property alert.

“In addition to the posters and to continued paid search activity, our brand is on prime time TV throughout May. All of this multi-channel activity combines to raise awareness of among consumers as well as generating traffic and leads for our estate agent customers.”


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Source:: OnTheMarket launches first outdoor advertising campaign