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Picture of the Week: And it’s just four candles


Here’s the New Year’s first contender for Picture of the Week – and there’s only just time to get this one under the radar as the 12 days of Christmas draw to a close.

It’s only a picture of four candles.

Or should that be fork handles?

It’s not even a new picture – and nor is it an an original.

No matter, as it did its job by going viral for Chris Wood’s Cornish agency over the festive period.

It is not the first time that PDQ Estates has used the image, which Wood found online and whose originator he has tried to track down without success.

Wood originally posted the image on Facebook a year ago. But, following the sad death of Ronnie Corbett, it was re-posted just before Christmas.

The rather magical effect? Since December 24, around 2,000 Facebook ‘likes’, and a reach of over 10m.

May the Two Ronnies rest in peace – and laughter!

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