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Plans Approved to Move Manchester City Centre Cenotaph

The Cenotaph is to be moved to a different part of Manchester City Centre, it emerged this week.

The Manchester Cenotaph, currently in St Peter’s Square, will be moved to a new site near to the town hall, according to plans that the city council approved earlier in the week. English Heritage had previously objected to the major refurbishment plan,arguing that there was not “a clear and convincing justification”, but has since withdrawn their complaint.

This leaves the way clear for the grade-II listed monument to move from its current island site between the St Peter’s Square Metrolink platform and Mosley Street to a new site opposite the town hall’s Cooper Street entrance. Memorial plaques will also be transferred to the new site.

The move will take place throughout late 2013 and early 2014 and during part of this time the cenotaph will be kept in storage. The refurbishment plan also includes a new Manchester city centre Metrolink crossing and the restoration of St Peter’s Cross, which marks the original location of St Peter’s Church.

The council’s town centre chief Pat Karney told the Manchester Evening News that “this new location will be a more respectful and appropriate space for paying tribute to our fallen heroes.”