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Property buying agent launches divorce service to help when couples are at war over worth of their homes


A buying agency is launching a divorce service, designed to help warring – and super-wealthy – couples deal with property issues, including how much the injured party should ask for in court.

Black Brick’s new independent service will provide specialist pre-court advice for the divorce market on property prices as well as how much homes cost to run.

It will also advise on specific areas and even arrange property tours, plus draw up a marketing strategy and pricing for the existing marital home.

The launch of the new service follows the agency seeing a trend in wealthy individuals seeking assistance when getting divorced.

Between January 2017 and January this year, Black Brick reported that 10% of its transactions were from sellers getting divorced.

The average transaction size of properties bought was a staggering £36.5m.

Camilla Dell, managing partner at London-based Black Brick, said: “It is often assumed that buying agents are only there when people are looking to purchase a property.

“However, our services can prove invaluable to clients when going through divorce.

“We have assisted on a number of high-profile divorce cases. The result is a much fairer divorce settlement.

“We recently worked with a client, charging a flat fee to take them on specialist tours to show them what £10m, £15m, £20m all the way up to £50m buys you in central London.

“We also spent time educating the client on what the running costs are for homes in each price range. The time spent with the client greatly assisted her in court.”

She said that there is often one half of a couple who takes responsibility for household finances, leaving the other half with limited knowledge in a divorce situation.

She said: “When a person attends a divorce hearing armed with detailed information and evidence on the market, and crucially advice that they have paid for, this can support the settlement figures they are proposing.

“This makes things much more straightforward for the judge when making a decision.”

Regarded as the ‘divorce capital of the world’, many high net worth individuals choose London to have their divorces heard.

Last October, Princess Tessy of Luxembourg chose London for her divorce, and in February, Tatiana Akhmedova won a £453m payout.


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Source:: Property buying agent launches divorce service to help when couples are at war over worth of their homes