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Purplebricks Local Property Expert slams ‘garbage’ on EYE – saying Purplebricks only employs the best

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Mystery surrounds a lengthy comment posted on EYE yesterday evening which was quickly withdrawn.

It appeared to have been posted by a Local Property Expert, but was then swiftly pulled during last night’s Watchdog programme which featured Purplebricks.

Points to note are that the poster previously worked for the likes of Countrywide and Arun Estates.

The poster totally denies being a listings-only agent and also references the ‘garbage’ written on EYE.

This is the full post:


AUGUST 2, 2017 AT 7:35 PM (EDIT)

My first posting since working for Purplebricks. I started as an LPE earlier this year and can honestly say without doubt that Purplebricks is the most honest, genuine, transparent and customer focused company I’ve ever worked for. Prior to Purplebricks I was with Countrywide and Arun Estates as a Senior Branch Manager for over 20 years.

When it comes to giving the buying and selling public what they want and to providing an unbeatable level of customer service we are streets ahead of the high street boys.

I am not someone easily led or influenced nor am I someone who would work for an estate agent who wasn’t 100% ethical and honest.

If any of you attended the 2 week course I did when I started you’d see just how tough the training is and how totally focused the company are on making sure that the LPE’s make every sellers moving experience a good one.

Everything we are taught and everything about the company and the way we operate is geared to making sure our customers receive a great customer experience. Sadly most of you will never get to find out first hand as you’d struggle to get through the 4 stage interview process and would probably be eaten alive on the course. I spoke to one RD who conducted 80 interviews in June.

Nearly all were experience estate agents. 6 were offered jobs. We only employ the best. The evidence is there. Look at our “meet the experts” page on our website. Read the bio’s on each one…..all experienced estate agents. But no doubt like all the other facts I could give you’ll choose to ignore or deny the easily proved just to suit your own inaccurate perception of Purplebricks.

I’ve read PIE for the last year and have refrained from commenting on some of the garbage you lot write on here. Running scared is the phrase I’d use. The problem is that you are all now just glorified receptionists just sitting there waiting for the next Rightmove call to come in. Your salary is nowhere near what it used to be and some of you running independent offices probably won’t be here this time next year. They’ll be a nice Scope shop where your struggling little business used to be and you’ll still be scratching your head wondering what the hell happened.

Incredible to read some of your comments here today (and over the last year) and it really is pathetic how ill informed you all are.

You really have no idea how we operate or what we do. We however do know what you do.

You sit there slagging off Purplebricks and thinking of ways to knock us when you should be looking at ways to improve your own business levels. The fact is you’re getting left behind. The world’s moved on guys but most of you still can’t see the wood for the trees.

Wake up and smell the coffee you worried people. Purplebricks is what the public want.

We live in a 24/7 world not the 9-6 one you lot live in. And people also want honesty, transparency, convenience and a realistic fee. We give them all of that and more. 95% of people now search for property at about the time you’re closing your offices. We are here 24/7. The majority of our business is done when you’re sitting on your sofa moaning to your wife that it’s been another quiet day at the office.

And another few things!

I AM NOT A LISTING ONLY AGENT. I DON’T LIST AND DISAPPEAR…NONE OF US DO. All my sellers have my personal mobile number and I answer it between 7am & 11pm, 7 days a week. Outside those hours they can use “live chat” or call our 24/7 customer service dept. Sellers also have my email address and there have been occasions where I have skyped with a seller whilst abroad. I am far more accessible to my sellers than any of you.

I call all my sellers once a week without fail. I revisit after 4 weeks. Honestly…how many of you do this?

I chain and finance check anyone who makes an offer and I negotiate all offers.

Once a sale is agreed it goes to our post sales support team BUT I am there between 7am & 11pm if they need me to deal with and issues.

I earn a salary a lot of you would be jealous of. I also get to choose my own working hours, when I take a day off, when i go on holiday. I can go to the doctors without asking anyone. I don’t get 20 emails a day through telling me I haven’t passed enough FS leads or booked enough vals or now have to wear a white shirt. I now run a successful business in my patch..from home, on my terms.

It’s jealousy and ignorance…pure and simple. LPE’s from Purplebricks genuinely laugh at the comments on here sometimes.

You rant, slag off, criticize and are usually so far off the mark and so poorly informed it’s sad.

Anyway. You carry on doing your PB bashing and I’ll carry on being amazed at how little you really know. I will also continue to offer all my sellers the same amazing service that all LPE’s do.

Now you’d better all get yourselves a cuppa and prepare for Watchdog. I’m sure you’ll all have lots of constructive comments to make tomorrow about a few unhappy cases out of the tens of thousands of happy ones.

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Source:: Purplebricks Local Property Expert slams ‘garbage’ on EYE – saying Purplebricks only employs the best