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Purplebricks looks to woo Mumsnet with ten free packages in exchange for posting up their feedback

Purplebricks is giving away ten free packages to Mumsnet members in exchange for them posting their feedback at least four times a week on the platform.

This is despite the fact that Mumsnet members are not exactly known for holding back their views on anything, and have often been among Purplebricks’ harshest critics.


However, Purplebricks is now looking for ten MNers “to sell their property with Purplebricks for free and share their feedback on the service on a thread on Mumsnet as well as filling out a short survey”.

All “testers” must list their property and have an up to date EPC.

Purplebricks says it will not only be free to the testers but “give you a fabulous service”, plus a £50 voucher.

It goes on: “The vast majority of our LPEs come from the high street and joined us because they recognise this is how estate agency should be – a proper estate agent, fixed and transparent fees, no commission and a clever portal that puts you in complete control of your sale.”

Purplebricks normally charges £849, or in London £1,199, with viewings an extra £300.

Depending on your point of view, this is either PR at its most brilliantly creative – or at its suicidally most foolhardy.

The first poster was quick to say: “Really? After all the complaints people have had about them on this board!”

Separately, EYE reader Malcolm Barnard spotted that the Purplebricks adverts accompanying the offer on Mumsnet did not apparently include the explanation that the fee is charged whether the property sells or not – as required by the Advertising Standards Authority.

He took this up with Purplebricks on Twitter – but had what he calls an “interesting” reply.



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Source:: Purplebricks looks to woo Mumsnet with ten free packages in exchange for posting up their feedback