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Purplebricks says its system does allow for offers after a property is ‘sold’


Purplebricks has said that it passes on all offers to vendors, including those made after a property is listed as sold subject to contract.

The firm’s assurance comes after a review was posted online by a seller, claiming: “Once a valuation is agreed and one person agrees to buy at that it is considered sold.”

The review, on Trustpilot, said that all other viewings were cancelled, and that the system “does not allow a higher bid to be put in”.

It suggested that the buyer could then make money from a re-sale, and concluded: “Someone is going to make money from this and it is not the sellers.”

The review was then followed up by an agent who emailed Purplebricks, via Rightmove, about a property which had only just come on the market but was displayed as SSTC just days later.

The agent’s email said he wanted to view the property and that he would pay over the asking price.

However, he says his email was simply answered with an automated email headed “Sorry – this property is now Sold (subject to contract)”. (https://www.purplebricks.com/bookviewing?propertyId=201596&enquiryId=4771540)

The agent claimed that the only way he could contact the vendor was to go round and knock on the door.

He also queried whether this was at odds with an estate agent’s duty to pass on all offers.

We put the case to Purplebricks, and a spokesperson told us: “Everyone can make an offer though Purplebricks at any time 24 hours a day.

“In the event that an offer has been accepted, the customer decides whether they want to continue to market the property or have it marked as sold subject to contract.

“If the property remains on the market, offers are made in the usual way.

“If it is taken off the market, the property is marked sold subject to contract and offers may still be made at any time by speaking to our Central Property Team who are available 24 hours a day.

“All offers are communicated to our customers verbally and in writing, in accordance with the Estate Agents Act 1979.”

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Source:: Purplebricks says its system does allow for offers after a property is ‘sold’