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Reapit says it is ‘categorically’ not in talks with ZPG over any deal

Estate agency software provider Reapit has said that it is “categorically” not in any talks with ZPG that could result in its acquisition.

Speaking after Wednesday’s announcement of Zoopla’s acquisition of Expert Agent, Reapit director Simon Whale said: “The talk in the wider industry has been the mergers and acquisitions activity but although a little more under the radar the estate agency software movement is no less relevant.

“Some people cite owning the desktop is all important but really as long as you check your contracts and ensure your supplier has no rights to that data without your expressed permission then it’s not an issue.

“However, shadowy clauses that obfuscate the picture just make you question who you’re dealing with.

“Make no mistake, to a large degree if you’ve not got a rent roll your data is your business.

“If you hand that away, then your exit plan becomes as realistic as a Take That tax return.”

Reapit, which has traditionally dealt with larger agents requiring bespoke packages which can take a while to put together, has just launched into the smaller agent market via a re-seller, JET, offering much cheaper standardised packages which it says can be quickly up and running.


  1. smile please

    Wise words from Whaley.

    Our provider does not harvest our data.

    However I am sure many reading this are starting to figure out their lucrative date is being harvested after the have ‘Sleepwalked’ into signing a contract (who reads the small print!).

    Do any of our legal contributors know if they can contact their software provider and stop them harvesting data? And if so the process they should take?


    1. AgentV

      Smile Please,

      You are absolutely right. Let’s face it, most of us never read the small print, because we don’t have the time, the knowledge or the inclination to understand it properly. We rely on the person selling it to us to tell us the truth (and yes I know how stupid that sounds)!

      Perhaps PIE could do a major article on software and portal providers contracts and what certain clauses actually mean? I am sure we could provide all the contracts between us….and there has to be someone out there who could help Ros with interpretation?


      1. mrharvey

        Uh, I wouldn’t make a point of saying you habitually ignore small print.

        I personally enjoy doing it – solve the riddle and question the stuff that makes no sense. If you don’t understand it, refuse to sign the contract. Easy.


  2. RealAgent

    The worrying thing for me over all of this and the article above is how it’s “your data” right up to the point where you want to access it when it then suddenly becomes “up to them” them being your software provider, as to who can, and how quick, it can be accessed.

    Last time we changed software providers it took over a month for “our data” to be made available and even then it was given in such a basic format that most of our historical information had to be sacrificed!

    As years roll on and we all see the value in our databases the way things are presently, unless you have a proprietary software such as companies like Foxtons do, then it’s the equivilant of having one of your children, bound, gagged and held to ransom somewhere in a server room in Greenwich!


  3. SJEA

    Maybe one of the real concerns is the real-time data feed.

    When we were setting up our in house system, we were against a deadline for testing and told by Rightmove that after the deadline, if we were not ready and running correctly, we would have to move to one of the established software firms.

    Does this mean any new company that wishes to develop new Agency Software may have difficulties with Rightmove testing ?



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