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Residents evacuated after agent’s board ruptures gas pipe and sparks emergency

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Fire and rescue officers from three stations had to be called and residents were evacuated after an agent’s board put up in the front garden of a property ruptured a gas pipe.

The drama happened last Saturday evening.

The board had been put up earlier that day at a rental property and is said to have punctured the gas main.

Residents in Blaisdon, Yate, near Bristol, were alerted by a strong gas smell.

Fire and rescue personnel immediately evacuated people. The problem was swiftly rectified and residents allowed to return home.

Edison Ford Estate Agents are carrying out an investigation.

Property manager Steve Clowes told EYE that the sign in question had been erected by an in-house team member.

He said: “Having been established for over 25 years, we are surprised by this incident.

“We have sold and let many homes for many clients in this area over this period of time and have never encountered a situation like this before.

“There have been many signs erected in lots of garden by us and other agents over the years. We have yet to establish what was different about the garden of this house.

“We are sorry of course for any inconvenience caused to people affected by this incident.

“We are extremely glad that no one was injured and thank all the services involved.”

The local paper has carried the story, on the basis that cutbacks to fire and rescue services would affect round-the-clock services, and that last Saturday’s emergency has highlighted this.

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Source:: Residents evacuated after agent’s board ruptures gas pipe and sparks emergency