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Rightmove named the most innovative company in the world


Rightmove has been named the most innovative growth company in the world by influential Forbes, for the second year running.

This year’s list gives Rightmove an “innovation premium” of 91.4%.

Rightmove comes ahead of US portal giant Zillow, which makes 14th place, and the Australian portal company REA.

Other well-known companies in the list include TripAdvisor, Procter & Gamble, and Domino’s Pizza.

In an accompanying article explaining Rightmove’s supremacy in the list, writers Hal Gregersen and Jeff Dyer quote Rightmove CEO Peter Brooks-Johnson as saying that the key to the company’s growth is the “network effect”.

This is the phenomenon by which a network becomes more valuable to its users with each user it gains.

Brooks-Smith also says that the culture of Rightmove is to be both “restless and focused”.

He goes on to explain that the “focus” part is that “we know what we do, and we don’t go chasing other dreams”.

The “restless” part is that “we’re always on a journey to be better”.

The article says that Rightmove constantly expands its offerings: “Every year has brought increases in its average revenue per advertiser as it expands the repertoire of advertising products and packages available to customers to increase their brand exposure.”

Modestly, Rightmove told EYE it would not be commenting.

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