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How To Secure A Rental Property ? Top Tips

Rental Property

If you are starting the search for a property to rent in Manchester City Centre then a lot of you will know that now is the time that it starts to get tricky.

Why does it get tricky ?

Because it gets busy, not just a little busy, very busy. As we move towards October the amount of students sorting out their accommodation for the start of their term increases, each week.

The overseas students that are going home over the summer months have started to leave, some will need to look for accommodation the minute they arrive back to start term, others have already booked their accommodation for when they get back.

Manchester has seen an increase of around 15,000 students on its intake, each year for the past three years. The student population has now moved away from renting in the more traditional areas such as Fallowfield and Rusholme, with students wanting to rent high end apartments in the city centre.

How can students afford high end city centre apartments ?

This is largely funded through overseas sponsorship schemes, where an overseas students government pay for their education and living expenses. Then it is the more wealthy overseas students who have family who will pay the rent for them. It is also the more wealthy British students whose parents are looking for their children to be in areas that are perceived to be ‘safer’, blocks with concierge services and 24hr security in the city centre.

So what does this mean ?

Each year we have seen demand increase, and each year the rental prices have gone up. We advise landlords on when to have an apartment coming available with Christmas time being the quietest time, and most difficult time to get a property rented out, and Sept / Oct being the best time to have a property coming empty.

It also means that it gets increasingly difficult to find properties to rent in Manchester for everyone, not only the students. The massive demand at this time of year, ultimately leads to a shortage of stock on the market, and many times going into October the agents will literally run out of stock. Anything new to the market at this time can demand a premium on the rent asked for, with even the poor quality apartments being rented out in record time.

So if you are a potential tenant, looking for somewhere to live in Manchester, what are the top tips needed to secure a place ?


1. Register on Rightmove. This can save you a lot of time registering with separate agencies. When an agent loads a property onto their own system, then Rightmove will send you an e-mail letting you know that a new apartment has come onto the market.

2. Be Quick. The minute an agent puts a good quality property onto the market you need to get on the phone and try and secure a viewing, at this time of year many agents will block view a property with a certain number of applicants but will put a limit on the number of people. Do not e-mail, phoning will always jump the queue. Be ready to put the application fee down to secure it.

3. Be flexible. If you are looking for something too specific at this time of year, the likelihood of finding it will be very low. Be flexible on your options.

4. Don’t be unrealistic. Think this is self explanatory and important at any time of the year, but more so when it gets busier.

5. Be the perfect tenant. Remember that the viewing you are booking is ultimately a mini interview for the property. Don’t be stubbing a cigarette out on the floor as the agent approaches, don’t bring friends who are not going to be living in the property.

6. Be honest and upfront. Be truthful with what day you are looking to move, there is no point in viewing an apartment that is available now if you don’t need to move for another 2 months. All you are doing is wasting your time, the agents time and jeopardising any future viewings as the agent is not going to trust you.

7. Be Nice. This sounds obvious, but if there are two people viewing a property and one is nice and the other speaks to the agent like something they scraped off their shoe then guess who the agent will advise the owner to go with.

 8. Family and Friends. Don’t let them jeopardise your prospective new home. Be clear that it is not them who will be living at the apartment and as such they should take a back seat on viewings. Agents will not like it if, mum, dad, granny and her friend are all requesting renovations to a property on your behalf, this will only sound alarm bells for future calls form the family requesting things that will all cost the landlord money.

9. The Landlord has a Choice. At this time of year the landlord will have a number of tenants to choose from, remember this and make sure you are the best one for them to choose.

Hopefully this insight and these tips can help you find your perfect property to rent. Do take a look at the rentals section of www.suttonscityliving.co.uk and give us a call 0161 832 9922 to register your details or book a viewing

Robert Kenyon

Sales and Lettings Manager.