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Seller posts up five one-star ratings of agent – but honestly, it’s not their fault

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What happens when someone persistently gives you really, really bad reviews – and yet it really, really isn’t your fault?

In this instance, someone is loudly lambasting haart on TrustPilot in five reviews all giving the agent the lowest possible one star rating.

Starting in June, the furious seller awards haart his first one star for this “useless shower”.

Haart politely responded – but 13 days later – asking for details so they can launch an investigation.

This is the digital equivalent of lighting the blue touch paper, with three more posts on Trustpilot, with the man first saying he has put in a report to the Ombudsman, and the second saying that he would trust haart as much as a hungry crocodile.

The theme is broadly continued in the third.

But finally, the truth comes out after yet another post, which storms: “Having waited for 19 weeks to date to complete my sale they continue to blame others for what they started and NEVER finished.”

But guess what?

The man is not a customer of haart at all. He just isn’t.

His property is listed with another agent (unnamed), and it is his own buyer who is a haart customer.

And furthermore, haart has been doing what it can to progress the sale, which stands in a chain (it doesn’t sound as though the other agent has done much).

Haart says they are sorry the gentleman is unhappy but points out: “The completion of sale of your property sits with the estate agent you are listed with.

“The buyer of your property is a customer of ours and our customer experience team as well as the branch are doing our utmost best to keep their chain moving along so that the sale can exchange and complete as soon as possible.”

The haart reply concludes: “We will continue to update your estate agents as frequently as possible and hope that we can complete this chain very soon. We wish you all the best with your move.”


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Source:: Seller posts up five one-star ratings of agent – but honestly, it’s not their fault