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Seller’s distress at finding her home on controversial Houser portal two years after withdrawal from sale

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A woman has told of her shock and distress after discovering by chance that her home, which is not for sale, is being listed on property portal Houser.

The pensioner’s property had been for sale with a Newton Fallowell office, but has no longer been on the market after being withdrawn two years ago.

The owner, a pensioner, made her discovery a week ago after a chance ‘googling’ of her property address, and believes her home has probably been on Houser ever since it first went on the market.

Her anxiety is heightened because last year the very distinctive home that she and her husband occupy in a tiny development was burgled.

She told EYE yesterday that she is now too worried about what could happen were she and her husband to go on holiday, or even leave the property for a few hours.

The listing on Houser was still live yesterday. While it is flagged up as no longer available, it could be very clearly identified as to exactly where it is and could encourage the thought that it may be unoccupied.

The agent – who the woman does not blame and who also knew nothing of the listing on Houser – is named in Houser’s property advertisement, as is the exact location, which is a very small development in which the owner’s home is the only detached house.

It has other unique features, and the internal pictures reveal an eclectic mix of collectables, reflecting the couple’s years of working abroad.

Newton Fallowell is now working to have the listing taken down.

Yesterday, EYE tried to contact Rocky Mirza, founder of Houser. We also left a message on the Houser site asking it to contact us.

We have heard nothing back and the Houser telephone number was not answered. Houser’s Facebook page appears to have been neglected for some months, while the last time Houser used Twitter appeared to be in 2015 when it suggested that agents, buyers and sellers should “join now to get five years of free access”.

Just over two years ago, Houser launched as “the one no one saw coming” – apparently trying to take the focus off the impending launch of OnTheMarket – and hailing itself as the portal that would challenge Rightmove and Zoopla.

However, many agents were furious that their own contact details and properties were being listed without their permission, including where they breached OTM’s ‘one other portal’ rule, and demanded they be taken down. There was a link issued at the time, enabling them to have the property removed.

Yesterday, EYE asked two large agents whose brands are very prominent on the Houser site if they are aware of the situation.

We would urge all agents to check the Houser site to see if they, or their clients’ properties, are listed.

The removal link is: http://blog.houser.co.uk/housers-information-removal-interface-pipeline-190/

However, EYE also reported that some agents said that their properties were not removed, despite requests by the link.

Agent Mark Rowe then reported that complaining to Houser’s hosting company, Rackspace, did work.

Again, we can only urge our readers to check if they, or their properties, are listed on Houser.


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