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Sex, drugs and property: Insider agent lifts lid on X-rated world of ‘retail’ estate agency


Explosive allegations have been made in a book about corporate estate agency involving drugs, sex and bent deals.

No agency is named in the book, Sex, Drugs and Property, written by an estate agent who is only identified as Agent X.

He or she is someone said to be working on the front line of an estate agency that is not named.

The book is described as a collection of tales of sordid shenanigans in offices both during and after work, including drug use and trading sexual favours in exchange for pay rises.

It claims to lift the lid on sleazy goings-on that the world of corporate estate agency will not want anyone to know about. It warns customers that the book will tell them what really goes on in their house when the agents are left alone and what happens in their offices after dark.

The book alleges that the industry is plagued with liars, drug addicts and sex addicts. But the author also says that while agents are flawed as people, they are also hard-working, dedicated and humorous – although often ****** up.

The person who brought it to our attention on strict condition of anonymity says he happened to read the book after being sent it by a friend.

He told us he currently works for a large organisation in the estate agency world – and is convinced that not only do the allegations ring true but the people in the book are his own colleagues.

The book, available on Amazon, has an Afterword which says: “I have heard many a description or viewpoint on estate agency and agents alike, and to be honest, none of them are particularly flattering: “pond life” being one, a “necessary evil” being another.

“In fact, I believe had it not been for the 2008 recession and bankers coming out of that looking so bad, we would still be seen as the lowest of the low.

“Thank God for the banker and their billion pound bonuses.

“The last thing the industry needed in its fight to improve its image was a book like this one, written by an estate agent about the dodgy goings on behind the scenes.

“Though I go back to the first part of this hook, there is no way our industry is the only one where affairs happen, drugs are used and deals are not always above board.

“The company I worked for, I haven’t named once in this book.

“However, I am sure when I use the term ‘retail’, those in the industry will know exactly who I am talking about.

“Still, I won’t mention the name … I don’t want to be sued and they still employ me.”

The author says elsewhere: “Of course, if you read the industry press, it may be blindingly obvious which company I work for.”

And he or she continues: “The reason I hint at it now is to sum up my view on the industry I still work in, the industry that has treated me well and, in my opinion, is one that is needed.

“The property industry, estate agency, is a service industry. It is not retail. It is a service.”

The author continues: “When I started working for this large firm, it was an old-school estate agents … it was run by old school men who appointed slightly younger men than them into middle management, all of whom were tasked with the simple job of making as much money as possible and having a little bit of fun along the way.

“The middle management guys were given flashy cars and told to create exact replicas of themselves who could take over in years to come.

“A blind eye was turned to sexual harassment, drug use, drink driving, desks being used to get a ********…

“In my short term as a negotiator before going into management, I made the company just over £300,000 in two and a half years. No wonder they turned a blind eye to my affair. And that was just me.”

The author claims managers were surviving on a diet of Red Bull, vodka and coke.

The author also says they left the un-named company but then did what he or she had sworn they would never do, and went crawling back to the corporate world, the buzz, plaudits and long hours: “It is a drug, and I am addicted.

“I realise why estate agents are hated and are seen as a necessary evil. It is because they will do anything to get the job done.

“We are all sharks.”

The author also talks about colleagues who have left under a very dark cloud, with the standard announcement always suggesting that after many years of service [insert name] has gone off to pursue another venture.

Elsewhere the author alleges that cocaine use remains a major problem.



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Source:: Sex, drugs and property: Insider agent lifts lid on X-rated world of ‘retail’ estate agency