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Show me the money! New search service being tested with Zoopla will tell buyers of properties with potential


A new service is being tested with Zoopla which will allow easier searching for a property.

Users of Upshoot will be able to key in any search criteria they want – for example, their budget, number of bedrooms, size of house, and room proportions.

Upshoot will instantly show them homes which match their requirements, but also homes with the potential to do so – for example, by extending the property or converting the loft.

Upshoot, which claims to be the first website to analyse property potential, only shows those homes with potential which, after costs, still match the searcher’s original budget.

A six-page report accompanies properties with potential, showing services and contractors, estimates for the work required and an estimate of how much the property will be worth when the work is complete.

Users can even use the search term “Show me the money” to find properties with the greatest potential for financial uplift.

The service will offer a premium paid-for service which will give paying members early access to the property reports at £15 each.

The reports will be made free to the public after a month.

Trade and construction professionals can also subscribe for £20 a month and will receive pre-qualified leads for the potential projects.

Estate agents will have a basic free service but can also pay for access to a number of full reports of properties on their books.

This is not the jazziest video in the world, but it is short and gives a very clear explanation of what Upshoot will do – and it does seem a very clever idea that will appeal to a number of property searchers.


A second video explaining the offering to the trade is here:


The website is here but is currently in beta mode. It is expected to launch at the end of the week and will start with Kent, before rolling out.

Any agent wanting a preview can go to the site. Just above where you enter the promo code (by clicking on the search bar or “Sign Up”) is a small hyperlink “Request promo code”. Press that, fill out some basic contact details and you should get sent a code immediately that will give you access.


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