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Simply stunning! Is this the best property video yet?


Is this the most stunning property video ever?

The film which includes drone footage and is by North Shore Productions, shows off not just the property but the lifestyle that potentially goes with it.

The makers have cleverly ignored the temptation to add a voice-over, but the music is good and there is a clever sound track – literally – at the end.

The 16th-century Grade Two manor house with a private platform on the Ffestiniog railway is for sale with Walter Lloyd Jones.

The property, which has a self-contained wing, is in five acres in glorious countryside and is on at £795,000 – which might not get you so much as a broom cupboard in London.

This Welsh idyll has to be EYE’s idea of heaven.

So why are the current owners leaving? “It was an escape to the country family dream and the children have now left home. Time for another adventure,” they tell us.

Personalising a property in this way is not normally what agents recommend when selling, so we would be interested in your thoughts.

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