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Spat! Pryor launches broadside on allAgents in bid to get his private address and phone number taken down


An extraordinary altercation has broken out on social media about review sites.

Property finding agent Henry Pryor has let rip at allAgents, with a string of tweets saying he does not believe the reviews it carries of some agents.

allAgents has hit back – and raterAgent has joined in.

Pryor told EYE last night that what angers him is that his name, phone number and full address – his home address – are listed on allAgents.

He claims this is without his permission; and that allAgents has not responded to requests to take it down.

Pryor’s entry on allAgents has no reviews but claims he comes 10,877th out of 15,217 firms in the UK.

On Twitter yesterday evening, he threw down the gauntlet to allAgents, saying: “So where did you get my name, address and phone number from for your database. Only @TPOmb makes it publicly available.”

He told allAgents: “My beef is that I can’t opt out.”

Prior also said that he was not sure he believed negative reviews about firms including William H Brown, Puterills, Allen & Harris and Thornley Groves, all of which he cited as good firms.

allAgents meanwhile countered with accusations that Pryor had tried, and failed, to set up his own rating site.

allAgents told Pryor, who is also an industry pundit frequently appearing on television with his market analysis and predictions: “And then there was your other ‘agent’ review website that didn’t work out. You’re not very good with your predictions when it comes to review websites.”

Pryor said that while his effort drew publicity, he couldn’t get the industry and in particular the trade bodies to support it.

He said: “It didn’t work for the same reason yours doesn’t but once I realized, I had the sense to move on. You should too.”

Ratings site raterAgent – about which little has been heard lately – briefly joined in the fray, telling allAgents: “People in glass houses, that’s all that needs to be said. We’ve very much alive and have some BIG plans.”

In another part of the combat, Pryor questioned a reviews site that did not carry reviews of Purplebricks – Purplebricks and allAgents are currently in a legal tussle with the former querying the authenticity of a number of reviews on allAgents. allAgents has currently removed all of Purplebricks’ reviews.

allAgents is currently trying to fund-raise £50,000 to pay for legal fees to challenge allAgents, which uses Trustpilot.

By last night allAgents had raised £12,933 from 64 supporters, with 28 days to go.



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Source:: Spat! Pryor launches broadside on allAgents in bid to get his private address and phone number taken down