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Storm of complaints as Purplebricks starts to brings property management service in-house


Tenants and landlords have taken to social media en masse to voice angry complaints against Purplebricks’ property management service.

Until now, this has been provided on a white-labelled basis by a number of high street firms, although customers have only known the service as Purplebricks.

The agents still providing it are now coming to the end of their notice periods.

Purplebricks has apologised to landlords and tenants, saying that there have been transition issues as it brings the service in-house.

One complaint said: “I do not understand how you became the fastest growing agency? We tried to call you for the past two weeks with no answer until today. Property manager still not answering anyway. I am going to have to leave my home because of your fab customer service! Feel sick.”

Another complained: “A full 5 days waiting for leasehold management team to call me back. Pay for a full management service. Yet they cannot be bothered to ring their customers back.”

Another posted a one-star review on Trustpilot headed: “Purplebricks ceased trading?”

The writer said: “This is my fourth review of PB and nothing is improving . . .

“I know my tenants’ check-out report was completed on April 30. I will need to retain a part of the deposit due to the condition of the property, however, I have heard nothing from PB.

“The rental portal is defunct and cannot be used for new queries … the generic email inbox provided to me by a third party has produced no response.

“Should shareholders and customers be worried?”

A Purplebricks spokesperson said: “We have now achieved sufficient scale in lettings, and following customer feedback we have decided to bring our property management services in-house.

“This will give us greater control and provide an even better service to our customers and includes the launch of two new property management hubs and a specialist dedicated property manager for all tenants and landlords.

“We are working hard to clear any problems for customers during this transition phase and apologise for any issues.

“Our new service will be of the highest quality.”


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Source:: Storm of complaints as Purplebricks starts to brings property management service in-house