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Take Purplebricks seriously, proptech expert tells American realtors

One month after its launch into the American market, Purplebricks has 24 Local Real Estate Experts and 12 listings, nine of which are for sale and three of which are pending.

Of its 24 licensed agents, nine have one active listing each and 16 have none.

The figures come from proptech expert Mike Delprete, who emphasises that it is only one month in and that all businesses start small.

Delprete describes Purplebricks as having had “massive success while battering the incumbents in the UK market”.

In America, Purplebricks is currently active in Los Angeles before its planned roll-out.

It is recruiting its agents by offering them the chance to earn up to $100,000 in year one, and the opportunity to double their income every year from then on.

It is also pledging to spend nearly $2m per month on advertising.

Delprete, who believes that the next expansion in the US for Purplebricks will take in San Diego, Fresno and Sacramento, concludes: “It’s still very, very early days for Purplebricks in the US market.

“But take them seriously: Purplebricks is a large, serious, international player with plenty of momentum and experience, with deep pockets.

“It may not revolutionise the real estate market overnight, but it will have an impact.”


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Source:: Take Purplebricks seriously, proptech expert tells American realtors