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Tenant in rental home for three years objects to ‘Let By’ board in her garden


A tenant living in her home for three years has allegedly been told that a ‘Let & Managed By’ board could be erected in her garden.

The board would not be put up in the name of the agent that originally let her the property – but by the agent, a Connells brand, that has since acquired that original firm.

However, Connells says that the tenant should contact them, and that she is free to opt out.

The matter came to light when the woman tenant went to a third agent – who has asked not to be named – to ask for its advice. She had originally rented her current home through Roberts & Co, an agent in Newport, south Wales.

Late last year, Connells brand Peter Alan bought Roberts & Co.

Peter Alan has now told some of Roberts & Co’s tenants that it wants to erect Peter Alan boards in their gardens.

The third agent that the woman tenant is said to have contacted said: “She called into our branch asking for advice before she contacted the council.

“This certainly isn’t allowing tenants peaceful enjoyment of their properties and is surely false advertising.

“We are contacting local Trading Standards regarding this.”

Trading Standards has initially advised that all boards must be removed within 14 days of a grant of sale or tenancy.

A spokesperson for Peter Alan told EYE: “We are sorry for any concern this may have caused and disappointed that this customer has chosen not to talk to us directly about it.

“We had hoped our letter to specific customers, following our successful acquisition of the Roberts & Co Property Management business, was clear in its intention and provided details of our board campaign prior to placing ‘Let & Managed By’ (not ‘To Let’) boards on certain properties for a very limited period only.

“We also made sure we provided contact details should customers have any queries or want to opt out, and we ask that this particular customer get in touch with us directly.

“It must also be noted that we have not received any direct complaints regarding this activity, nor have any boards [yet] been put up.

“Eleven of our customers have opted out and we are more than happy to honour their decision.”


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Source:: Tenant in rental home for three years objects to ‘Let By’ board in her garden