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The BBC's MediaCityUK Helps Boost Manchester Property Sector

New developments in Manchester, such as the BBC’s “MediaCityUK” have been nothing less than a major boost to the Manchester property sector, according to one international specialist in business insurance.

The short video report, by QBE, explains that such developments are not only boosting trade and commerce in the city, as professionals and other workers migrate to Manchester, but are also increasing the possibility for greater rent yields and encouraging further investment in the Manchester property market.

MediaCityUK has been built on land that was formerly the property of the Port of Manchester, at Salford Quays on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal. After the BBC announced it was moving a large part of its production and workforce to Manchester in 2004, it took two years to choose the site, announcing its location in the Salford/Trafford area in 2006. Planning permission to develop the site was granted the next year and development began.

Nowadays, MediaCityUK has its own energy plant and communications network, and is centred around Quay House.