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Trustpilot explains why it will take days to sort out UK reviews of Purplebricks ‘mistakenly’ on US site

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Review and rating site Trustpilot has contacted EYE “to add some clarity regarding the 7-10 day time frame for handling the reviewers mistakenly invited by Purplebricks to review its US business”.

A Trustpilot spokesperson based in London said: “A seven-day period is necessary to provide reviewers with enough time to respond to contact from our compliance team.

“We cannot move a consumer’s review around our site without being absolutely sure it should be moved.

“At Trustpilot we follow our guidelines strictly. In this situation our guidelines dictate that Purplebricks must report reviews from UK customers it has mistakenly invited to leave reviews on its US Trustpilot profile.

“The company has done so and a clear notice has been added to every review alerting consumers to the fact they are suspected as being reviews of Purplebrick’s UK service.

“We cannot move a consumer’s review around our site without contacting them and being absolutely sure – that would set a bad precedent. Therefore, our compliance team is contacting the reviewers and they have a seven-day window to respond, as outlined in our guidelines.

“We hope those observing the situation will appreciate the need for us to respect our guidelines and to apply them rigorously.

“We make significant investments in our compliance function with 40 team members working hard to apply our guidelines for the benefit of both consumers and businesses.”

Earlier, Purplebricks told EYE about the UK reviews on its US website: “Purplebricks now operates in the UK under Purplebricks.co.uk and in the US from Purplebricks.com

“Reflecting this, the Trustpilot reviews have, as planned, migrated to the UK site. We look forward to delivering a fantastic service stateside and securing thousands of new brand advocates, to match those in the UK and Australia.”

Yesterday, reviews were still arriving on the US site from UK reviewers, but were swiftly being suspended while they were investigated, the wording being replaced by: “We believe this review should be on our UK Trustpilot site. This is currently under review and appropriate action will be taken.”

We have invited Purplebricks to make further comment.


Yesterday Purplebricks finished the day at 375p, according to the London Stock Exchange. The volatile shares reached 513p on July 24. Early investors will have made huge profits, with the firm having floated in December 2015 with shares priced at £1.


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Source:: Trustpilot explains why it will take days to sort out UK reviews of Purplebricks ‘mistakenly’ on US site